Calligraphy art at AirBnb Office in SF

ようこそ、おこしやす。(Yokoso, Okoshiyasu) is “welcoming” in Kyoto dialect (Japanese). This calligraphy art on the wall has been presented at the second floor at the airbnb second office in San Francisco.  


3月の初めのヘルシンキはまだまだ雪が多く、朝の気温もマイナス10度くらいまで冷え込んでました。友人に会うため、1日半だけの滞在となり、あいにく月曜日だったの全ての美術館は休館。次回は3−5日間くらいゆっくり美術館など回ってみたいものです。 CAFE Cafe Regatta Kahvia Ravintola Tori EAT Sandro Café Bar No 9 SAUNA Kulttuurisauna

Tortus Copenhagen

Tortus is about the love of making and passion for materials…

Rurubu Series: Ethereal & Dynamism

This series, Ethereal & Dynamism came after the initial Rurubu Project, which is a collaborative project by Toronto-based photographer Haley Friesen and me. Artworks done in 2013 and never framed and published until now. 1. Hanabi /20 x 20 (frame) printed & painted on paper. 2. Uzumaki /20 x 20 (frame) printed & painted on … Continue Reading

Doku – Chiyu

Art Collaboration with Erica Morton Magill ちゆ — Remedy / どく — Poison “We’re exploring in these images the contrast of poison and remedy, investigating the ability of yoga to alchemize poison into medicine through the process of tapas, a disciplined spiritual practice that burns through the deep-rooted patterns and habits of our existence.” “In … Continue Reading

Design / Arken Museum

DESIGN AND CRAFTS FROM THE 20TH CENTURY DESIGNMUSEUM DENMARK HOMEPAGE OPENNING HOURS Tuesday – Sunday 11 – 5 Wednesdays 11 – 9 Monday closed ARKEN MUSEUM HOMEPAGE OPENNING HOURS Tuesday-Sunday: 10-17 Wednesday: 10-21 Monday: Closed


ストックホルムから電車で6時間かけて着いた先はコペンハーゲン。ストックホルムに比べ、街や人々はよりカジュルアルで親しみがあり、吊るし街灯が町中にあるのが印象的でした。 CAFE The Laundromat Cafe Paludan Bogcafé The Coffee Collective EAT BIOMIO ORGANIC BISTRO Slotskælderen hos Gitte Kik SHOP Illums Bolighus Louis Poulsen Rud.Rasmussens Snedkerier Designer Zoo Black Hay House YOGA Ashtanga Yoga CPH Mysore Yoga CPH STAY Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Copenhagen Hotel Alexandra


創設者 Knud W. Jensenによって建てられたLouisiana Museumはデンマークのモダンアートのホームとして、1958年に開館しました。元々、豪邸だった家を改築して建てられたため、美術館内はとてもアットホームな空間。海沿いにある庭園で晴れた日の午後にゆっくりくつろぐ時間をお忘れなく。 LOUISIANA MUSEUM OF MODERN ART HOMEPAGE OPENNING HOURS Tuesday-Friday: 11-22 Saturday-Sunday: 11-18 Holidays 11-18 Monday: Closed

Tsukemono (Japanese Pickles)

INGREDIENTS: Kabu (Tokyo Turnips), carrots, strawberry (Optional) water, vinegar, salt, brown sugar, soy sauce, Mirin, ginger, Umeboshi (pickled plum) Enjoy!