Doku – Chiyu

Art Collaboration with Erica Morton Magill ちゆ — Remedy / どく — Poison “We’re exploring in these images the contrast of poison and remedy, investigating the ability of yoga to alchemize poison into medicine through the process of tapas, a disciplined spiritual practice that burns through the deep-rooted patterns and habits of our existence.” “In … Continue Reading

Yutori – artshow

Yutori is another series from Rurubu Project, which is a collaborative project by Toronto-based photographer Haley Friesen and San Francisco-based calligraphy artist Nobuhiro Sato that explores the powerful expressions of body movement coupled with energetic strokes of ink. Rurubu Art Collaboration Project Photograph: Haley Friesen Model dancer: Kathleen Legassick 1. Tenku /30 x 40 (frame) … Continue Reading