Art Collaboration with Erica Morton Magill

ちゆ — Remedy / どく — Poison

“We’re exploring in these images the contrast of poison and remedy, investigating the ability of yoga to alchemize poison into medicine through the process of tapas, a disciplined spiritual practice that burns through the deep-rooted patterns and habits of our existence.”

poison--cure-on-the-wall, erica magill, nobuhiro sato



“In Ashtanga yoga philosophy, there are six poisons – desire, anger, delusion, greed, envy and pride. When you come to the mat each and every day, these emotions are bound to rise up. You face a choice – to turn away from them and the practice, or to keep showing up to the mat despite the discomfort. If you choose the latter, the physical practice of yoga cultivates an internal fire that boils and bubbles these poisons within.”

doku-chiyu-progress, erica magill, nobuhiro sato

erica magill, nobuhiro sato


1. Chiyu - Remedy
1. Chiyu – Remedy
2. Doku - Poison
2. Doku – Poison

“By continuing to stoke that fire with a dedicated practice, the poisons go through a smelting process, flaming hot and outraged at first, then smouldering and evaporating, leaving a pure, shining core. When we allow ourselves to undergo this occasionally painful, often clunky process of searching out, connecting to, and burning the enemies within, poison is transformed into potential.”

by Erica Morton Magill


flyer, erica magill


1. Doku – 30 x 40 (frame) printed on paper.
2. Chiyu – 30 x 40 (frame) printed on paper.


Doku / Chiyu
Spring Open Studio at Art Explosion 2016

Erica Morton Magill Website

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